University Studies

What is University Studies?

The University Studies component of the Murray State University undergraduate program  provides students with a broad-based, liberal arts and sciences education as a foundation for their academic specialty.  Toward that end, the program is organized around eight learning outcomes:

  • Students will display effective oral and written communication. (1.1)
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret, express, and define questions of naturalphenomena by using the scientific method (1.2)
  • Students will demonstrate use of mathematical reasoning to define and interpret questions and tobuild and express informed conclusions (1.3)
  • Students will display a rich understanding of the process, meaning and value of creativity and creative expression (2.1)
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking in application of ethical and enduring questions. (2.2)
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of diverging perspectives, bothcurrent and historical. (2.3)
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of the interconnectedness of human behavior and thehuman experience. (2.4)
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of participating as well-informedcitizens in a diverse and global society. (2.5)


Each of these outcomes aligns with one thematic category:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Scientific Inquiry & Methodologies 
  • Creative Perspectives
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Literary and Philosophical Perspectives
  • Social & Behavioral Perspectives
  • Cultural and Diverse Perspectives and Responsible Citizenship




Murray State University Studies

32 Credit Hours Minimum - One course or lecture/lab set from each category below fulfills the minimum requirements. Requirements for specialized degrees (B.A., B.S., B.A.B., B.S.B., etc.) are found in the Bulletin. 


The Human Experience

University Studies Mission Statement

The Murray State University Studies curriculum prepares students to participate as critical thinkers, effective communicators and discerning citizens within their academic programs and communities. Emphasizing diversity, global awareness and intellectual curiosity, the University Studies curriculum complements our academic programs and fosters scholarship and understanding of the rich human experience.


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